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911 first Responder Confronts Dennis Kucinich

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And it is getting worse as the U.S. and
European economies slip into recession
by Monty Guild
Guild Investment Management, Inc.

January 15, 2008

Thus far, the developed world is not thinking with an inflationary psychology, but such a psychology is gripping the developing world.
As Hamlet said “…there is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so.” With inflation this is especially the case. Inflation can be moderated or exacerbated by the psychology of consumers. An example of inflationary psychology is that when prices are expected to rise, people buy and hoard. They tend to buy more raw goods, finished goods as well as fixed assets like gold and other commodities, and if interest rates and prices are low they buy real estate.

It is partially the fear of this inflationary psychology that encourages politicians and political functionaries to fudge the numbers on inflation, change the accounting for the cost of living, and to hide, minimize or divert attention from the advent of inflation using an impressive panoply of creative deception.
There is a general dishonesty displayed by government statistical functionaries pretty much world wide, in presenting the statistics regarding inflation and economic growth. The first is usually understated and the second often overstated.


Clearly, the consumers in Russia, China, India, and many other countries are reacting to the bad inflation numbers that have been published in their countries in recent months, weeks, and days. They are seeking to protect themselves, and they are doing so by buying gold and other commodities.
Just last week, the Shanghai Gold Futures Exchange opened for business. Gold opened at the equivalent of about $997 an ounce. At the time of this writing, gold is trading for about $943 per ounce on the Shanghai Gold Futures Exchange versus about $895 per ounce on other world exchanges.
Why would gold sell for 5% more in Shanghai than elsewhere in the world? It is because the Chinese are worried about inflation, and thus far the amount of gold imported into China to fill the need does not meet the demand. So gold will flow from the rest of the world into China, which will push world prices up and Chinese prices down until they meet. It is our belief they will meet above $920 per ounce soon and above $1500 per ounce in the next couple of years. 

The fact that a recession is looming in the developed world would in normal times divert investors’ attention from purchasing gold. The logic is that recessions lead to lower demand and lower prices for goods and services, so gold is not demanded. But today is no ordinary recession. Today, we have stagflation brewing. Wise investors who see this prospect on the horizon are protecting against inflation while expecting stagnating economic growth.
  • Russian inflation was 11.9% in 2007.
  • Ukraine’s inflation was the highest in seven years.
  • China’s inflation is accelerating, causing some political unrest due to higher gasoline diesel and food prices.
  • The Chinese government institutes price freezes on key goods including fertilizer, food energy and etc.
  • Inflation in Latin America ranged from 3.3% to the high teens in 2007.
  • The Chinese agree to let their currency rise faster than in 2007 to combat inflation.
  • We see headlines like these appearing all over the world. Eventually, they get into the people’s awareness and change behaviors, which can cause more dislocations, and finally a big breakout in inflation world-wide.
Thus far, the U.S. and some other markets have started the new year on a declining note. However, if you have been in food, gold, or foreign currencies the news has been good.
We expect this year to be much like the first week. It maybe difficult for some parts of the world economy, but not difficult for those who are well positioned to benefit from the inflation, weak dollar, and poor U.S. economic activity that will make headlines this year.

Here are some scary money supply growth numbers for you for 2007:
Brazil M3 +17.0%
Canada M3 +12.9%
China M2 +18.5%
Euro zone M3 +12.3%
Hong Kong M3 +31.5%
India M3 +21.5%
U.S. M3 +15.8%
In our opinion, the commodity macro cycle is all about population of the world and its growth. In 2005, the world population was about 6.5 billion people, and it has been growing slightly more than 75 million people per annum since 2000, or about 1.2% per year.
If we assume that 1.2% more people are added net to world population each year, it is easy to see that the demand for raw materials will continue to rise at a substantial rate. Add to this the fact that about 50 million more individuals per year join the global developing economies and begin to make enough money to demand more goods, more services, and a richer diet. Using these figures, it is easy to see demand for grains and industrial commodities rising at 2-3 % per year. This is huge growth since the global production of energy, grains, and raw materials has not typically grown more than about 1% a year, if at all. 

As we all know if demand rises and supply is relatively flat, price is the mechanism by which goods are rationed. Prices must rise…and rise they will.
Many argue that prices have already risen, so price increases must be over. In our opinion, prices can fall for a few weeks, or even months in some cases, but long-term price decreases are looking extremely unlikely, especially if you believe the money supply growth figures mentioned above. In our opinion and in the opinion of many economists rapidly expanding liquidity leads to more price inflation.
Stocks that are not connected to the commodity cycle could be hurt.
People fear that the Fed will not lower rates fast enough due to the fact that the Fed knows it will eventually have to raise rates in order to slow down the rise in commodity prices. The Fed may be slow in lowering rates, but they will undoubtedly be slow raising rates later when they try to slow price inflation. This should give inflation plenty of time to take root.
Every behavior the central banks and the governments themselves are currently undertaking is inflationary longer term. For example, with bailouts of companies [Northern Rock], the injections of capital by sovereign wealth funds and other investors, and lowering interest rates to spur lending and growth. These, plus the growth of the money supply worldwide is sowing the seeds of inflation.
Further, the growth of world population and the rising standard of living of the existing population both argue persuasively for higher commodity prices over the long term.
We will continue to keep our eye on the global landscape and find areas that we think offer investment profit potential. We are long gold, energy, food, and related companies. We have very small positions in one or two fast growing countries and will add to these positions on market weakness, not today, but in coming weeks and months. 

Mexico funds pro immigration add campaign.

Mexico funds pro immigration add campaign.

Microsoft and NBC want you to know that there is a Real ID card in your future

Microsoft and NBC want you to know that there is a Real ID card in your future

Microsoft and NBC want you to know that there is a Real ID card in your future, as this segment that aired on the Today show demonstrates.
Earlier this week, we learned that Microsoft filed a patent “for a system to monitor the health and mental state of computer users,” a system designed to “automatically detect frustration or stress in the user via physiological and environmental sensors, and offer or provide some assistance accordingly,” sort of the way the “instructress” in Orwell’s 1984 offered “6079 Smith W” assistance via the telescreen. NBC, owned by death merchant General Electric, also has a vested interest in Real ID, as they are, as a Pentagon “defense” contrator, in the business of “domestic intelligence gathering,” primarily through the Pentagon’s Counterintelligence Field Activity unit. Last August, we were assured by Def Sec. and former spook Gates that the Pentagon would shut down its controversial domestic spying database known as TALON. Sure. And I have a bridge for sale on Ganymede.

So unpopular is the Real ID scheme with the plebs, Michael Chertoff has lately taken to vigorously pimping the plan. Chertoff tells us Real ID is a fantastic idea because it will “prevent somebody from evading a watchlist and getting on an airplane and blowing the plane up because they pretend to be somebody else,” never mind how unlikely this is, even with dim-bulb patsies such as Richard Reid, the infamous “shoe bomber,” wandering around, waiting for orders from headquarters.
But if you actually believe al-Qaeda is lurking in the shadows with shoe and liquid bombs, you might take comfort in the fact the Ministry of Homeland Security will phase its scheme in over the next few years, regardless of what most people want. As for those handful of states that have declared their unwillingness to participate, their residents will no longer be allowed to get on airplanes or possibly travel by car to other states. In order to do so, they will need a passport — you know, the new passports with RFID chips embedded.

It would seem the only way to avoid this nightmare would be for those states opposed to secede from the United States.

Earlier video of Ron Paul’s comments on a reinvestigation of 911

Earlier video of Ron Paul’s comments on a reinvestigation of 911

Reporters from confronted Ron Paul in a New Hampshire spin room about supporting victim’s family members in pursuing a new 9/11 investigation. “Yes, I support more investigation,” Paul responded.

The Presidential candidate indicated that the full truth was still not known “because ineptness was hidden” in the 9/11 Commission investigation.

“This is generally what government investigations do,” Ron Paul said. “They hide inefficiencies and ineptness.”

He further criticized those in charge who “can’t and won’t admit” that the country is “fighting a war for no good reason.” “They’ve dug their heels in and they’ll lose everything they’ve said,” he said about war hawks.

Ron Paul: A New Hope

Ron Paul: A New Hope


HAARP CBC Broadcast Weather control part 1 and 2

HAARP CBC Broadcast Weather control part 1

HAARP CBC Broadcast Weather control part 2 


Chemtrail Plane Up Close and Personal

Chemtrail Plane Up Close and Personal


  Chemtrail plane video taped at Arnold Palmer airport in Latrobe PA.

Chemtrail plane up close

White four engine plane with no ID markings;landing at Castle air base in Atwater Calif.;video taped in Merced Calif.


BLOGGED BY Brad Friedman ON 1/4/2008 2:50PM
Cover Graphic Shows Exploding Voting Booth with ‘WARNING’ Label: ‘Your vote may be lost, destroyed, miscounted, wrongly attributed or hacked.

The entire debate over e-voting may well be just about to change. Hopefully for the better. Big time.
One key passage: “The earliest critiques of digital voting booths came from the fringe — disgruntled citizens and scared-senseless computer geeks — but the fears have now risen to the highest levels of government.”
Editor & Publisher’s editor Greg Mitchell, has tipped off The BRAD BLOG late this afternoon, that the New York Times Magazine is set to run a “massive” cover-story this Sunday, on the entire e-voting disaster titled “The Bugs in the Machines.”

Better late than never?
Mitchell describes the story as “quite chilling” in the exclusive preview he’s just posted to his new personal blog. Here’s the first coupla grafs from his scoop…
Coming between the Iowa and New Hampshire tallies, this Sunday’s cover of The New York Times Magazine ought to strike a chord. It shows a man inside an exploding voting booth with a WARNING label over it and the words: “Your vote may be lost, destroyed, miscounted, wrongly attributed or hacked.”The massive Clive Thompson article, titled “The Bugs in the Machines,” is quite chilling. “After the 2000 election,” it opens, “counties around the country rushed to buy new computerized voting machines. But it turns out that these machines may cause problems worse than hanging chads. Is America ready for another contested election?” One key passage: “The earliest critiques of digital voting booths came from the fringe — disgruntled citizens and scared-senseless computer geeks — but the fears have now risen to the highest levels of government.”One expert says that “about 10 percent” of the devices fail in each election.



The Great Seal of the United States can be easily viewed on the back of a one-dollar bill. Although the colors mentioned in this article won’t be visible, it is still an easily obtained reference point for your convenience. The OBVERSE is on the right side (the eagle), while the REVERSE is on the left side (the pyramid) of the instrument.
Man is an enigmatic creature having a dual nature, temporal and spiritual. His institutions reflect the multiple facets of his complex and varied mental processes. He is at once occupied with the routine of satisfying the basic human needs for food, clothing, and shelter and the less tangible and more varied spiritual and social needs. His viewpoints are as varied as the individuals, subject not only to the external changes of environment but to self- created internal changes. Man alone has within himself any considerable power of thought or imagination. One facet of man’s behavior to come out of his imagination, superstition, spiritual groping, and reasoning is symbolism.

Terrorist False Flag Psyop Bill O’Reilly Calls 911 truther’s terrorists

Terrorist False Flag Psyop Bill O’Reilly Calls 911 truther’s terrorists
In this government hit peace Terrorist Bill O’Reilly goes after University of Wisconsin Madison Kevin Barrett.

Local news station confirms barium in chemtrails

11/9/10 Update:

Geo Engineering : This video is a must see if you have any questions about Geo Engineering. The research is extensive and in-depth. I am still dismayed over the lack of questioning and open mindedness around the subject. So I hope you have some time to watch all 7 episodes and start taking notice.

11/11/09 Update: "Unsolved Mysteries" or proof U.S.A. tested using RAIN to infect AMERICAN

Ralph Nader: "Things Are a Lot Worse than We Thought!"


Ralph Nader: “Things Are a Lot Worse than We Thought!”

What are chemtrails?

What are Contrails?
Streaks of condensed water vapor created in the air by jet airplanes at high altitudes. (Merriam-Websters)
Streamer of cloud sometimes observed behind an airplane flying in clear, cold, humid air. (Encyclopaedia Britannica)
A visible cloud streak, usually brilliantly white in color, which trails behind a missile or other vehicle in flight under certain conditions. (DOD Dictionary of Military Terms)
Contrails can exist in two forms: water droplet and ice crystal.
Under what conditions do Contrails form?
The primary factors in contrail formation are air temperature and moisture content. They are usually seen at the higher colder altidtudes, but will even occur at ground level in Antartica, sometimes causing a visibility problem for jets that take too long to take-off. Contrails started becoming a common sight during World War II, when bombers started flying at altitudes above 30,000 feet. They can exist in two forms: water and ice. A water droplet contrail occurs when an airplane flies though cold and supersaturated moist air and the warm water vapour produced by the engine condenses into tiny droplets. Under colder temperatures the water will freeze creating suspended ice-crystals.
The following graph represents contrail data collected for Houston, TX over several months. See the Trail Research Report for full details.
Temperature and Humidity (degrees of separation between Dew Point and Temperature).

Chemtrails Data Page Repost

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