Wednesday, December 19, 2012 Locks Out News World Wide From Posting Locks Out News 
World Wide From Posting in "Designing the Moment" in "Designing the Moment" (Photo credit: Matt Thomas)

As of today Dec 19, 2012 News World Wide has been locked out from posting. Wordpress sent a flimsy dialog box that the site is locked because of content posting.  I am not drawing conclusions here but I would say that it was a few posts made about guns saving people from robbery and other crimes.  I have contacted the automatic team who is in irc and they looked into the issue and said that needs to contact me back to resolve the issue.  That was about 8 hours ago.   I have never had any problems with wordpress in the past.  If there is censorship happening I will relocate my site to another system.  Hopefully this can be resolved quickly.

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