Government Documents

All documents are PDF format unless otherwise noted.

Protecting the homeland

Patriot Act

National Security in the 21st Century

FBI – Megiddo Report

Department of Defense – Joint Vision 2020

Alternate Futures for 2020

Alternate Futures for 2025

Project for the New American Century Rebuilding Americas Defenses

MK-Ultra Senate Hearings

Northwoods Document

Victory Act

Army – Civilian Inmate Labor Program

Club of Rome – First Global Revolution

World Sovereignty and World Culture

Nelson Rockefeller – The Inter-American System and the U.N.

Unesco – Ttoward World – Understanding

Julian Huxley – UNESCO Its Purpose and its Philosophy

Thomas Malthus The Principle of Population

911 Commission Report

Special Operations and Joint Forces in
Support of Countering Terrorism

Gulf of Tonkin Incident

NIST 9/11 Analysis

Total Information Awareness

Security and Prosperity Partnership (North American Union)

MacCormack-Dickstein Committee (Attempted 1934 Nazi Coup of US)

Military Comissions Act of 2006

Protect America Act (Warrantless Wiretapping Authorization)

Presidential Decision Directive 51 (Martial Law)

Operation TPAJAX (Overthrow of Mossadeq)

CIA’s “Family Jewels”

CENTCOM’s “Rapid Response Media Team”

Pastoral Crisis Intervention

Texas Department of Public Saftey’s “Terrorisim, What the public Needs to Know”



Project Minaret/Shamrock (Domestic Surveillance)


NSA Wiretapping

Alberto Gonzales Torture Memo

Army – Civilian Inmate Labor Program