Thursday, October 9, 2014


The Mainstream Media Is Dead


Breaking: Connecticut School Shooting

Linked to Libor Scandal

Too Big To Jail


Ron Paul's Congressional

Farewell Speech 11-14-2012

The Business Behind Getting High



[A New Must Watch Documentary]


We are Shooting Stars

By Ronan Parke

Ronan Park's New Smash Hit Single

We Are Shooting Stars.

Ronan David Parke (born 8 August 1998[2]) is an English singer from Poringland, Norfolk, UK who came runner-up in the fifth series of ITV show Britain’s Got Talent, despite being the bookies’ favourite to win. After the show it was reported that Ronan had signed a joint record deal with Sony Music.[3] He released his debut album Ronan Parke on 24 October 2011.[4] On 3 May 2012, Parke, Epic records, and Syco ceased working after the one album.


Alex Jones

Exclusive: Scientology-

The Cult From The Inside


(2012) Agenda 21, GMO Poison and

The Genetic Roulette [Full Documentary]

How To Fix The Federal Reserve


Verified: U. S. Concentration Camps For American Citizens Who Criticize The Government


Socialist Nazi Re-Education Camps Planned For U.S. Citizens 


U.S. Military

No Longer Controlled By The United States!!

Bigger Than 911 And Watergate

15 Trillion Dollar Fraud Exposed

Get Involved
End The Federal Reserve

Obama Passes Unconstitutional National Defense Authorization New Years Eve 2011

#OccupyWallStreet: An Occupier Gives A Lesson on The Federal Reserve Banking System

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End The Federal Reserve

Talks To Bill Still, Director Of The Money Masters

Law Student & Journalist Arrested

Occupy Chicago Camps Out At Midnight In Front Of The Federal Reserve Bank

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End The Federal Reserve

All News Stories Are Checked for Accuracy Before Posting.

9/11 Commission Co-Chair Lee Hamilton says: "The Commission Was Set Up to Fail", People Should Keep Asking Questions and the 9/11 Debate Should Continue"

9/11: Explosive Evidence

Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth

Richard Gage. Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth

911 Inside Job Proof

The Most Damning Evidence Yet!

MIT Engineer Disputes 911 Theory of the WTC Collapse

9/11 Incontrovertible Proof the Government is Lying

Get Involved
End The Federal Reserve

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