Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Glenn Beck is Rat Poison

Glenn Beck likes to pretend he is a Libertarian. But he’s not, in fact he is not even close.

As the video here documents, Beck has hitched his wagon to a number of key statist initiatives, including the bankster bailout mega-swindle and the VAT, or value added tax, that would confiscate billions of dollars a year from an already tax besieged American middle class.

Beck also supports the PATRIOT Act, arguably the most un-libertarian single piece of legislation to pass through Congress in the past decade. If Beck supports the PATRIOT Act, it makes perfect sense he supports the police state and the destruction of liberty.

The video here also demonstrates how Beck has “riffed” off Alex Jones. Beck has filched Alex’s material wholesale, a fact so blatantly obvious it cannot be denied. And then Beck has the audacity to turn around and claim he experiences a visceral hatred and disgust for Jones, an animosity so deep he is unable to utter Alex’s name.

Running just shy of 35 minutes, this mini-documentary is a primer exposing the shill and fraudster Glenn Beck, a snake oil salesman who is attempting to not only capitalize on constitutionalists and libertarians, but turn the gullible and naïve away from the truth. Glenn Beck is not only rat poison. He is an operative inserted on the fringes of the liberty movement with a singular mission – destroy any real and viable opposition to the establishment.

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