Thursday, August 8, 2013

New Website Coming Soon

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New Website Coming Soon

Roger Cooper

The current site you are viewing is a backup site set up in-case the other news site was censored.  And it was.  However I have been unable to re post all the content here on this site blog.   And due to Google, and blogger are inside the United States I have decided to move the website outside the country to avoid any further censorship problems.  Things are getting pretty bad in the USA right now, and blogging is becoming more and more dangerous to do.  Many of you do not know what all I have been though, to just continue to blog and right now it is the worst I have ever seen, in my life.  Government following bloggers seems to be the norm now in the USA.  If things continue like this I may need to leave the USA and report national news from another country that still has free speech.   If people want to have there free speech rights they need to stand up right now or we will loose everything we have under the Constitution.   The new site will be up very soon. Pleases put me in your prayers.  Things have been very bad here recently. 

And a big shout out to the contract gov stalkers I have recently encountered over the past few months.  I plan to sue each and every one of you individually for stalking and harassment.  Lets see how far you can push the national security laws this time.  I love court trials.  And I never have lost a court case in my life. And I will not loose any future court cases involving the national security laws either.  And if you don't know my past you might want look into it before you make your next move against this bloggers free speech and free right to travel without harassment.


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